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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I also laugh at clowns!

My Son (at the age of seventeen) wanted to get these red Nikies (what he REALLY believed were COOL shoes). Despite my objections they cost me fifty bucks (A real steal). But he has big feet, and although he was warned (I pleaded A LOT) not to buy them he did anyway - and that's how he got his Clown Feet. What makes this story REALLY bad, is that it's true.

If anyone (even you) are going to dress like a clown I WILL LAUGH!

That means if you choose to have pink hair, a Mohawk, pierce your nose, or dress up or permanently (or temporarily) paint or pierce your body in a manner that befits a clown...


This has become a real problem for me of late. I'll explain...

My Brother and his girlfriend had some friends over (and me). Now for the most part, I'm a fairly tolerant guy - In the group arrived one guy with colored hair, piercings and "eye shadow", while his girlfriend sported a multicolored Mohawk, tattoos and various other colorful paraphernalia. The next couple was a bit lower keyed - they had a couple of tattoos and the guy had earrings (on just one ear), a couple of other people came over, a girl (nicely dressed with combat boots) a guy (Obviously Homosexual) and then the last guy. He's the one that caught my attention.

Now, I have no prejudices of any kind that I'm aware of. But the comments that rolled out of my mouth sure would have made you think I was.

This last guy is what is called a "Metrosexual". What this is supposed to mean is that he's NOT homosexual, but dresses like he is. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't dressed like a girl (in drag), but he carried himself and dressed "gay".

Now, I was clearly in the wrong because although my comments were directed at the Metrosexual, the Homosexual was the one who took offense.

To him I apologize. Not for my comments however, but for the stupid Clown performing for my delight with an audience that didn't quite understand the punch line.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


An "Obsessive Compulsion" to eat all of one food at a time during a meal.