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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Daily Positive affirmations that boost self-esteem

1) Today I liked Myself Because 2) Today I did Very Well At 3) Today I Felt Good About
4) Today I consider Myself A Good 5) Today I Was Happy Because 6) Today what I enjoyed most was

1) A Positive Trait I Have Is 2) I Have A Good sense Of/For 3) I Look Good When I
4) I Have A Talent Of/For 5)I Feel Good About Myself When I 6) The Color That Looks Best On Me Is

1) I Know That I Am Loved By 2)My Favorite Place To Go To Is
3) The Thing That I Do Best At Is
4) A Goal For My Future Is 5) If I work Hard I can Be Successful at 6) One Of The People I Look Up To Is

1) My Friends Tell Me I have A great 2) My Friends Respect Me Because I 3) My Friends Say I'm Good At
4) People compliment Me About
5) I have been Told I have Pretty/Handsome 6) A Person That Helps Me Feel Good
Genuinely Liking Who You Are Is The Core Of Your Self-Esteem.