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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Smoking Makes Fibromyalgia Symptoms Worse

Two unrelated studies show that smoking cigarettes and using tobacco in other forms appears to make fibromyalgia symptoms more severe.

In a Mayo Clinic study, people using tobacco in any form had higher pain-intensity scores on the fibromyalgia impact questionnaire, had fewer good days, and missed more days of work.

In a Turkish study, cigarette smokers with fibromyalgia had more severe symptoms and higher rates of anxiety and depression.

A new study out of Korea provides further evidence that smoking can heighten symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Researchers looked at how cigarette smoking impacted pain, fatigue, function and psychiatric features of fibromyalgia. When compared to non-smoking fibromyalgia patients, the smokers had more tender points, and female smokers were more likely to be depressed.

Researchers didn't determine why smoking was linked to depression, so the question remains: does smoking worsen depressive symptoms, or are depressed people more likely to smoke?

Previous studies have shown that tobacco use appears to heighten fibromyalgia pain, lead to fewer good days and more missed work. At least one has also linked smoking to higher rates of anxiety and depression.

It remains unclear whether kicking the habit can help improve symptoms, although it could certainly improve overall health.

Do you smoke? Have you quit smoking or using tobacco since you developed fibromyalgia? Did it help? Do you think smoking makes it easier to deal with some of your symptoms? Leave your comments below!

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