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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why do I have to look sick to be sick?

If I get told “But you look fine” one more time I think I’m going to scream! What does looking sick have to do with being sick. My neighbor of 15 years got breast cancer, (she has since died she was such a great lady too). She looked fine in the beginning and for many years, but no one ever said “But you look fine” to her. Even my STUPID Sister in-law who has AID’S looks fine, but she is still sick. So why can’t I be sick and look fine. I can’t help the fact that I like to shower and keep on clean clothes when I go out. I want to take pictures of my self when I’m at home and then show them and let’s see how fine I look then.
Ok there is a reason for my vent. I was at work and not too happy to be there. I had a major Fibro Flair this weekend. So I bent down to pick some thing up and when I stood back up I winced and groaned. It hurts to bend down. The lady asked if I was all right and my co-worker told the lady that I have Fibro. The lady looked at me and said “But you look fine” I looked at her and said “WELL IM NOT FINE” I shouted it. I freaked out my co-worker Nichole. She is so nice and helps me so much at work. She looked at me and took a step back she has never seen me be mad or rude to a customer. I always have a smile on my face even to the snot nosed little brats that want extra every thing in there drink. It shut up that lady, and Nichole started laughing after she left. Nichole is young, but is willing to learn and listens when I tell her all about Fibro. She may not get it, but she knows I have good days and bad ones and can tell by looking at me if in ok or not. I’ve worked with her for over a year now. She is taking me out to lunch today for my B-day. I just get tired of people thinking that you have to look sick to be sick and that Fibro is only about pain and nothing else. Its been a long day.

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