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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have been thinking about all the information I have absorbed (mostly Internet) about Fibromyalgia along with my personal experience of suffering with such:

The National Fibromyalgia site has said that Federal Funding has been approved by Congress for the research of Fibomyalgia approved in March 2009- Thank You Government!!!

Interesting sometime back I had read that "The Department of Defence" was looking into Fibromyalgia - makes one wonder why????

As time goes by some of us will be Dx. with Autoimmune Diseases and of note many of these Diseases move very slowly so you have done alot of suffering and prescribed meds. that didn't even treat your illness so you feel that a lawsuit is in order? well think again the Rheumatology Guidelines read something like this:
" Even when other Diagnosis are given Fibromyalgia is not to be taken out"

so this one should really make you think because if you know alot about Autoimmune disease you know that all of them give you pain and multiple other symptoms, my opinion is this phrase was added to protect the medical community from lawsuits no wonder many of us are not taken seriously or treated badly by physicians!!!

This one is my all time favorite: I had a very active life style before fibromyalgia wore me down to the point of disabled, sometimes I would work 70 hours a week and had a social life as well, now when reading about the research and opinions for treatment the general thought is:

"get up and exercise build your self up once you do this you will have no pain & the fatigue will be gone"

my reply is no!!! even though I understand it is important to move your muscles and bones this is the main thing that will surely throw you into a terrible pain flare & even bed ridden YOUR HYPOTHESIS IS WRONG!!!! GET RICH QUICK:

I quess im being somewhat sarcasitc on this post but just can't resist, I think its about time the other end gets a taste ot there own medicine: rude practioners and ignorant research studies(to date) etc..

There are many snake oil salesman on the internet tv radio adds for herbal type treatments just beware as most are not regulated by the FDA so you don't know what your taking, Im a big advocate of holastic treatment like vitamins & supplements as long you know what your taking and its good to talk to your Doctor first especially with the supplements to make sure they will not interfere or give a bad reaction with your already existing meds.

Sadly I have read that Germany's current form of Fibromyalgia treatment is more like torture a "day camp" where the patients go and are exposed to strenuous physical workouts and hours of mental intaragation

Fibromyalgia is bigger than pain symptoms & everything else that comes along with it unfotunate for us its: Political Debateable Controversable Researchable History in the making Etc... Most important in remains: " OF UNKNOWN ETIOLOGY"

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