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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pome From Ann

This is a wonderful poem writen by a wonderful person Ann...
Fibromyalgia Message/Support Board
Is the message board she is refering to...

I wrote you all a poem. It is not so great, but I tried and I mean well. Ann

I wish all of you well !
Come to the board and see,
If you get in a pinch
You can always ask MeMe.
The FM'ily and friends here
All meet on this board,
Using smiley face grins
Letting you know you're adored.
When the dragon takes away your day
And you have major flare-ups to bear,
Just hold your head up; don't let it stay
Get out your tool box and give it a dare!
This is hard to do in so much pain;
Let it all out; lend us your ear,
Needing to talk to keep sane,
Remember that this board is here.
Accept the days you're not at your best,
Take it easy; just do what you can,
Pull the covers down and get some rest
And FM'ily will be here to give a hand.
When you are fatigued and blue,
And you just cannot stand,
Remember I am here with you
And my name is Ann.

I wish you all peace and LOW PAIN! * Butterfly Hugs to you All! Ann

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